Greenland Capital specializes in investment and support to management in the sectors of waste management and alternative energy.

Our vision

The world is in an environmental crisis. Investment in time and money is required in order to turn this crisis around and redirect it towards a sustainable world. Earth has limits that we do not want to cross.

In order to elevate ourselves to a “circular economy” smart bets on new solutions are necessary and we need to become conscious that there is a price to live on a clean planet. Part of the campaign to increase consciousness is to treat waste as an asset rather than go the easy way and landfill it or burn it. Regulation is moving in this direction.

Our Mission

Greenland Capital invests in greenfield projects with a high growth potential domestically and internationally.

soluciones sostenibles greenland

What value do we add

With our presence and real operational and financial experience in the UK, Spain, Latin America and Florida we know what we are talking about.
We actively support the investments we make, we are not pure investors.
Our first investment began in 2012 in Almeria (Spain) where a first industrial plant has been financed, built and put into operation to convert plastic waste into transport fuels


soluciones sostenibles greenland

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